Sunday, February 24, 2008

Stoke part 3:sunday afternoon goodies

There is always a third part once you started the second after the first...
Work on my little shaping space has taken up all my free time and even surfing has taken its toll with just 2 sessions a week... i need more wet time...
Around the corner delicacies: this time a brownie with some not so around the corner fins by Marlin's 101 fin CO , TA, and no brand hand made fin that Ian Z. gave me to use in my Hull. Thanks for the patinece in getting them to me Marlin...back to finishing the little room to start mowing some foam to get some tails to put them...

Friday, February 8, 2008

Stoke part 2: the Sud-Expresso collaboration

Me and Lob have been trading emails, google chats, beers, wines and a lot of design talk about surfboards for the past 3 years or so...on a few occasions he made the trip to PT. On one of those trips we got the chance to make the first Albatroz inspired out of a CC 9'6 glider...It is a 7'4 single fin pin tail with a pulled in nose,a pocket goes well in the pocket of the wave and still trims like a bigger board...

Than i started riding my 7'6 CC micro glider fish simmons inspired thing with 4 that board to day i decided to go into Manila's shaping bay with a 8'0H and i came out( thanks again for the guidance António) with the second "Alba" like Kikas calls them. This second one was an attempt to have a wider pin tail with 4 fin hoping to see if it would stay closer with the pockect.

A few days ago, around 8 am Lob sends a googled olá with some pictures of the 3rd albatroz...a diferent take over the outline of the 1st...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Stoke part 1: ice cold front

I have been following Chris's trim project since its creation. I'm amazed how good his skills are coming along...not a small feat for someone living in Austria!
His latest creation is along the lines of what currently is interesting me in surfboard design and water time.

The more i look at that outline the more i think that if i used my liddle hull tail curve with some of my CC's gliders curves it will end up a close mash up. Trim is in that outline undoubtedly!

The 8'0H rocker lends itself to a nice flowing line!STOKED!
P.S.:Thanks Chris for the lending me the Jim Philipps shaping DVDs , he is truly a "genius"

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trabalho, trabalho, trabalho

Têm sido umas semanas intensas e cheias de trabalho...mas por vezes este proporciona agradáveis surpresas, como a oportunidade de ir à "linha" e Cascais este fim de semana. Esquece-se Carcavelos e inspecciona-se outros spots mais à frente com pouco crowd e a imitar, por vezes bem, point breaks!
(Re)descobrem-se alguns edíficios.
As refeições servem-se em pequenas tascas de pátio: choco a moda de Setubal, e, peito de frango recheado com farinheira e maçã! Suaves brancos maduros da península a sul regam a tertúlia em dia de trabalho.
Agora é esperar que esta sulada mexa com os fundos da praia de todos os dias e nos faça esquecer as semanas de miséria que passaram!