Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fish nos Cagas

O Gonzo da surfcenter na sua 4 fin fish num break local . Há 4 anos tive que lhe implorar que me vendesse a primeira fish( que ele planeava em guardar) que recebeu na Loja, era uma DVS twin keel amarela semelhante à que o Rastovich usa por vezes. Foi a minha primeira prancha do género.
Ele sabe o que uma fish pode fazer!

Surfcenter's Paulo "Gonzo" with his 4 fin fish on a local break . 4 years ago i had to convince him to sell his own personal fish that he just got in the shop. It was the first for him and it became my first also...
He knows what a fish can do!


pushingtide said...

Lucky local break!

brownfish said...

That break kinda reminds me of Lowers, but probably only has 1/4 of the crowd and 90% less dickheads.

vasco said...

this break is hot almost every day, and it holds up until 10 feet...people from Spain, Lisbon( to us this is south Portugal) have been making some pilgrimage to the it is crowded...i've surfed that beach with just 4 guys in the water a few years ago and even last year. Zamora surfed that wave on a good day, i think he has some photos of it on his blog...when you pick up the HP fish ask him about that day!!!!

Flying said...

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